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Current Project:

  • Steer-by-Wire Prototype Development  This interdisciplinary project aims at developing a low-cost and fault tolerant Steer-       by-Wire system, which would successfully replace conventional mechanical or power steering.

For further details on steer-by-wire click here.

IIT Bombay Team: Prof. Shashikanth Suryanarayanan, Prof. Bhartendu Seth, Prof. Kavi Arya, Vikalp Mishra).

Some Projects at IIT (Masters):

Master Degree Project:

Title: Design of an electronic K-wire tension meter to be used with the existing tensioner for Ilizarov method.

Brief Description: Bone is oriented according to the stress being applied. Using this principle, bone deformation can be corrected by following Ilizarov method. For correcting different types of deformity, there is a need to apply force in different directions and planes. So, a reference frame is necessary. For making the frame rigid and stable, the K-wire (used in Ilizarov method) should be tensed. But, due to mechanical slippage, orientation of wire, load and temperature the value (tension) may be altered. After optimizing the K-wire tension value, a K-wire tensioner was made which will show the applied tension digitally. The tensioner would be made automatic by using a high tension low speed dc motor.

Mini Project (M.Tech)

  • Design of a visual choice reaction timer for human visual response detection.
  • ECG Signal Analysis Using the CVI Lab Windows Software.
  • Ergonomic Design of operating scissor, Chair and Tea Cup.


B.Tech Project:

Title: Design of FIR and to study their filtering properties.

Brief Description: The designing is done with XILINX software and the hardware comprises of A/D and D/A converter sample and hold circuit etc. The study of the filter properties and the calculation of the order of the filters and their co-efficient being done by MATLAB.